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Second book of Ruth Park's autobiography following on from A Fence Around the Cuckoo which follows her life after she moves from New Zealand to Australia to make a living as a writer.

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Despite the Ruth Park was born in Auckland, New Zealand in Park began writing early, regularly contributing poems and stories to the New Zealand Herald's children's page, as well as the Auckland Star and overseas newspapers such as the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Examiner. She attended secondary school by means of a National Scholarship. Park met and married D'Arcy Niland and after their marriage the Nilands travelled through the outback of Australia for a time before settling in Surry Hills in Sydney where they earned a living writing full-time.

While still in the outback they received news that the Australian Broadcasting Commission ABC had accepted a series of radio plays as well as Park's stories about a mouse for the Children's Session, thus beginning their long association with ABC radio. Savoury bar snacks Available as an upgrade or booked with your tickets.

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