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Customer Service. Chief Executive Event Manager. HR Manager Marketing Manager. Operations Manager. Sales Manager. Date of birth:. Publications Michelle Barr - Wikipedia. About: Born:. Work: Position:. Linda Ballesteros, Michelle Barr. Related Names Alicia Barr. Michelle Barr Historical Name Popularity Name Popularity for Michelle Barr Percent of Births 0 0.

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Last Name: Barr Other Login to view premium data. Michelle Barr Branch Manager. Michelle B. She has helped us examine how publishers are using the site, which tools are most used and how effectively , and how industry trends are manifesting on NetGalley. We shared the results of that research to encourage publishers in those categories to capitalize on what we learned. Mandy shared a bit about her work as a data scientist for NetGalley and Firebrand, plus a tip about how lay people can become more comfortable using hard metrics to guide their decision-making.

The role of a data scientist is extracting meaningful information from data. My job is focused on data management, modeling, and business analysis. The process for any data scientist is defining the problem, collecting the data, understanding and exploring the dataset, and analyzing and communicating the results and findings. The remainder of my time is spent on creating models or analyses that give insightful meaning or show certain trends that answer or solve the problem.

Publishers require data to make clear decisions to innovate and better serve their customers. As an example, most industries use historical trends which allows them to identify which areas have been successful and which ones need improvement. In the publishing world, historical trend is about identifying which genres yielded the most sales and which titles sold the most.

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I have become more familiar with the data that goes into the publishing world. On the Firebrand side I have learned the trend of publishers owning or losing a buy button, as well as whether a sale price is different than the list price provided by a publisher among other insights.

I have also gotten a deeper understanding of sentiment analysis as well as text classification and the quality of a text. Overall, every project teaches me something new and that is my favorite part; with data science you never stop learning. Any advice for non-data scientists to become better at using hard metrics to guide decision-making? An effective decision is made based on a blend of experience and data.

Decision making is a critical aspect of success or failure. In this new era, data has become a key part of the decision-making process. Data provides us with the information that can be used and processed in different ways to make decisions. A big challenge is knowing how much to rely on the tools at your disposal and how much to rely on your instincts.

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I love working closely with Mandy as she collects and analyzes our data, and making space to consider what that data means to us going forward. Lindsey Lochner, VP of Marketing Engagement, explains that publishers benefit from our increased investment in data analysis. Mandy helps us visualize and analyze the specific activity and review data that we gather from our platform, so that we can present that back to publishers to help widen their scope.

When we launched NetGalley Advanced in January , we did so to give publishers even more early data. And as we continue to build out new features and functionality within NetGalley Advanced, every update we are releasing is to help publishers discover a deeper understanding about how you and any associated imprints are using the site. Publishers can see how members are interacting with their titles, and how their actions both on and off NetGalley affect NetGalley activity, and more.

How an indie author and online writing coach kept engagement high for her debut novel across platforms, turning her audience into a launch team. By the time Abbie Emmons was ready to publish her first book, she had built up an audience as a blogger, YouTuber, and Bookstagrammer. So when Abbie Emmons was getting ready to publish her novel about two teens with disabilities who fall for each other, she knew she was going to have to work to turn her audience into her launch team. Emmons strategically engaged with her audience across platforms during her pre-publication push for Days of Sunlight. She kept her community in the loop through her writing process, with the cover reveal, and once she had review copies.

As soon as Days of Sunlight was available on NetGalley, Emmons brought her pre-existing community there, as well as finding a new audience of NetGalley members browsing for their next read. As a writing coach, Abbie Emmons has thought a lot about strategies that independent authors can use to launch their books with limited time, budgets, and resources. And as an author, she was able to put those strategies into practice. What was your path to becoming an author? Which came first and how did you make the pivot to the other?

I fell in love with stories at a very young age. My mom introduced me to the world of reading, and I was enraptured by the magic of storytelling. WritersLife Wednesday also has a Patreon community , which allows me to connect more personally with committed writers and offer them a one-on-one experience.

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Tell us a bit about your YouTube channel. How does it intersect with your work as an author? Through my videos, I teach writers how to harness the power and psychology of storytelling and transform their ideas into a masterpiece. I also share my experiences of the publishing process to help other authors take the next step with their book. I love teaching about story because it intersects so beautifully with my writing. What do you think resonates with readers about your representation of disability in the book? Did you focus on reaching audiences who might be interested in narratives about disability?

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If so, how? I wrote Days of Sunlight in hopes that it would resonate with every reader — whether they have a disability or not. My research process involved tons of reading and investigating. Not only did I reference experts for medical details, I consulted real-life accounts and experiences of people with the disabilities I wrote about. I read lots of blog posts, articles, watched videos, asked questions, read more, and constantly referenced true experiences throughout the writing and editing process. After the publication of Days of Sunlight , I did actively target readers who are interested in the Special Needs genre and who love comparable titles and authors.

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I was so thrilled to see Days reach 1 best seller in its category on Amazon! How did NetGalley fit in with the rest of your launch plan for Days of Sunlight?

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I found NetGalley at just the right time — about 4 months before my release date. I was seeking a way to efficiently deliver my book to my ARC team, with as little back-and-forth communication as possible. As an indie author, I have to manage a lot on my own, and I knew my ARC team was going to be sizable.

I was able to send everyone from my YouTube channel over to NetGalley to request the book, and that first rush of requests helped me to rank high in my category [appearing in the Most Requested section], which in turn gave my book more exposure to new ARC readers. Every author has a different publishing timeline that best suits their schedule, but mine is roughly 6 months — starting the moment my book returns from my editor, and ending on the pub date. Because of my shorter timeline, I decided that 3 months pre-publication would be a perfect amount of time. How did you get the word out about it once it went live on NetGalley?

I told all my people, multiple times. I made kind of a big deal out of the announcement — posting on my blog , YouTube channel , social media , and contacting all my email lists. I had built up the hype for this novel long in advance, teasing it on my blog and YouTube channel — which made my audience all the more excited when it came out. I received a lot of requests and happily accepted most of them. The result was a huge, fabulous ARC team who was excited to share their reviews of my book.

How have you kept momentum up for Days on NetGalley throughout its time on the site?