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Ronald Reagan's National Convention Acceptance Speech - July 17.1980

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Police still have the right to strike, of course. Does anyone doubt policing is an essential service? The civvies gambit, then, is e. A worker on strike does nothing — gets paid nothing. You could call that rough justice. Note that the policemen involved in this labor dispute are not literally on strike. How do they justify asking us to pay them at time-and-a-half later for deriliction of their auties now? Still, it is an occasion for park lovers to trepible a little.

When some planners look at a park they see idle land, land to be filled with people doing things. Are parks that people would drive their motorcycles or jeeps through then active? He negotiated with diplomats shuttling between WashiniHon and Tehran.

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Kennedy was a goner by that time anyhow. When it was observed that Carter seemed, suddenly, to have turned his back on the hostages, the charge was denied in the most vehement way. Carter had taken his distances. Carter was under tremendous pressure to do something about the hostages. When dealing with the Ayatollah Khomeini proved hard, the president fell into a famous trap—the mirror-image fallacy.

The more things change, the iess they stay the same. Where, we might ask, does the other half go? To the refiners, evidently, who are improving their profit margins. Why have we heard no great shrieks of outrage? Perhaps because nobody has noticed. And why has nobody noticed? Enter metrication.

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  7. Unless the customer had a ready pocket calculator, he stood to lose 5. But there is a more subtle confusion at work. Though no such animal existed in Iran, the administration insisted on finding It even amidst the frenzy that swept in the regime of the Ayatollah Khomeini. Still the administration persisted in the effort to find good guys In Tehran. In the course of those talks. He hounded the shah out of this country and through Panama to Egypt.

    He suspended a declared policy of economic sanctions against Iran, and held his hand on military action. When the negotiations collapsed, the administration had a ready-made alibi. There was no government-in Tehran. Only chaos and confusion. But the release of Queen belies that excuse-.

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    That ruler, now as in the past, is the Ayatollah Khomeini. In other words, the failure to win release of the hostages is not a matter of crazy circumstance.

    Field Enterprises Inc. Yet the average price of regular gasoline at the outiets surveyed has risen by Social embraces. Wll Dick determine the reward that Harry should get from his labor?

    Republican National Convention: President Reagan's Address at the RNC - 8/15/88

    Good fences make good neighbors. They have been led to believe not only that the state is wise and just but also that it has wealth of its own. In the process they create the wealth of the society they live In.