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It shuts down. It tries to suppress the information. I think a large part of the reason is because people have a hard time processing something so radical; there's no frame of reference for it.

TRUMP VS ALIENS (Watch Before It's Deleted Again!)

There's a great deal of agitation on the part of our combat personnel who are encountering these objects—and understandably so. Their concerns are what we're trying to relay. If one of these craft bore a Russian insignia, do you think the response would be different? One of the things that I've often pointed out—and I've never found anyone who disagreed with this—is that if any one of these objects had a Russian insignia on it, the entire system would be electrified and would spring into action.

Sixty years ago, the public was rightly agitated to learn that the Soviet Union had beaten us to space , had deployed the first man-made satellite in orbit. That capability and the momentum they were achieving with their space program understandably generated a lot of concern here in the context of the Cold War.

Are UFOs a Threat to National Security? This Ex-U.S. Official Thinks They Warrant Investigation

I would hope that people, when they get this information, would react now as the public did then, which is to raise questions about what we are doing in response to that. When you're talking to people about this issue in the Pentagon, you're going to draw blank stares.

Even from very high-ranking officials, very, very few of them have any exposure to the actual underlying information and the empirical data. So there's a propensity for people to say, "Well if this were real, I'd know about it, because I'm well plugged in, I've got all these security clearances, and I get access to all this information.

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In the s, shortly after the war, the military began to encounter an increasing a number of UFOs, and the number of incidents spiked enormously. We know from documents that in New Mexico, the director of Air Force security was advocating a study of the phenomenon, because so many people in and around Los Alamos and other facilities where nuclear weapons were being tested, were observing these [anomalous] crafts: scientists, military pilots, civilian pilots, a wide range of individuals.

Ultimately, the government determined it needed to tamp down the public concern, in part because during the Cold War, this could create some kind of hysteria. The government concluded, behind the scenes, that it needed to discredit this phenomenon—not due to a lack of compelling information.

Former Head of Pentagon's Secret UFO Program Has Some (Strange) Stories to Tell | Live Science

It was actually the result of compelling information. When the Air Force undertook this study , they examined 12, cases. Of those, were unexplained. The first question all of us have asked when we've seen the information is: Could this possibly be one of our own programs, a highly classified U.

I served in a capacity in which it was my job to conduct oversight of our black programs, and never saw anything of this kind on the books. Moreover, I was once actually specifically asked to determine whether we had a capability along these lines, in response to a query from the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Bobby Byrd. I ran that all the way up the flagpole with the Air Force and others, and believe me, everyone respected Senator Byrd.

No one was going to lie to him and risk his wrath. Secondly, a technology like this is so radical, it can't just appear out of nowhere.

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There have to be facilities, there has to have been research and development, a prototype. We don't see any evidence of that anywhere.

Thirdly, these aircraft are being observed operating in and around carrier battle groups that are armed with air-to-air missiles and so forth. We never, to my knowledge, put at risk those personnel—or test personnel—by flying them in an uncoordinated manner against carrier battle groups.

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That's just not how we operate. They are not necessarily asserting that these are alien craft or anything of that kind.

They are people like me who see this as an incredible mystery and enigma that that needs to be resolved. My goal, personally, in my role within the organization, is to help break down the bureaucratic walls that are preventing this information from reaching Congress and the American people. I'm not trying to drive any particular agenda. I want to ensure, if possible, that people who have responsibility for national security are informed and have the facts and the data.

A small portion of that is directed toward trying to uncover, identify exobiology—alien life. They're looking for microbial life on Mars, and they want to use the next generation of space telescopes to examine the atmospheres of different planets for molecules that would be consistent with life. Not necessarily intelligent life, just some kind of life. Jacobs knows that people think he's crazy.

He has interviewed, mostly under hypnosis, hundreds of people who say they David M. Jacobs, Ph. He lives in a suburb of Philadelphia.